The Château in lockdown

from May 04 to June 19, 2020
Château de Gratot

Join us for ‘A Propos de Sculpture’ from 21 May 2020 on social networks, and in 2021 for the 5th edition.
Our volunteers are currently considering plans for a re-opening between now and the summer 2020.

A Propos de Sculpture 2020 – the Château’s key pre-summer event is cancelled

Like all sectors of the economy, including the tourism and cultural sectors, the life of the Château and that of our volunteers have been turned upside down by the unprecedented global crisis that we are going through. We have therefore needed to take decisions which, although clearly necessary, are difficult.

The health of our visitors, of our guest artists and of our volunteers is our clear priority. For this reason, the 2020 edition of ‘A Propos de Sculpture’, planned to run from 21 to 24 May in the heart of the Château has been cancelled. However, we very much want to look to the future of the event. We owe that as much to the artists and volunteers who have given their commitment to the Association for this 5th year, in order to come together around sculpture, artistic creation and exchange, as to our visitors, partners and friends.

This is why ‘A Propos De Sculpture’ has two suggestions for you:

  • During 2020, to keep in touch by going to social networks and our website, where from 21 May you can discover the work of our artists through pictures. They have fired our imagination to such an extent that we wanted to share the planned content of the event, and give you a glimpse of their work. Your opinion is important – please, comment on, and share what you see.
  • In 2021, to come to the Château and take part, in person, in the 5th edition of ‘A Propos de Sculpture’, from 13 to 16 May.

Summer 2020 – the life of the Château restarts

Over a few weeks, nature has been quick to re-assert itself and the Château, without visitors, is now inhabited by birds, ducks and ever-growing vegetation. The site retains its timeless charm, but even the fairy Andaine, who has haunted the site for centuries, is wearying a little at the life of the Château at this point in the 21st century.

The volunteers, although on lockdown, have still not abandoned the Château. Each in his or her own way is helping to prepare for the reopening, and thinking about what kind of season we can offer, whilst a few are carrying out the minimum necessary level of maintenance.

As for a re-opening date for the Château between now and the summer, we are looking at an action plan; it will not be possible to finalise this until two criteria are met. Firstly, the putting in place of safety measures to enable us to welcome visitors and volunteers and, secondly, the carrying out of the major clean-up of the site which normally takes place at this time of year.

The reopening will take place in stages, beginning with the possibility of simply visiting the site, individually or as a family, with appropriate signposting. For the summer season, confirmation of our plans will of course depend on the conditions for the easing of lockdown:

  • During the summer, art exhibitions and the shop will be open. You will be able to discover 2 photographers, a painter and a sculptor.
  • The 19th edition of ‘A Propos de Jardin’, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 August.
  • The European Heritage Days, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September.

As soon as possible, we will update this information on our website and social networks.

All of our team has the same objective: to bring our heritage and culture alive by giving new life to the Château, through welcoming visitors and organising cultural events, all whilst maintaining everyone’s health and safety.

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