Summer 2015 exhibitions

As a Painter, a sculptor or both, Séverine Loisel, Olivier Lecourtois et Philippe Olive invite you at the Castle of Gratot  to discover their works of art throughout the summer. Their works will be showcased in the 18th C Pavilion and the 16th C West Outbuildings, bringing a fresh view on nature and noble and original materials.

July and August 2015

Arbre rouge Lecourtois     Olivier LecourtoisPainter


Trees & lights … inks, oils, a plant set up, to express the tree, as a symbol of man’s quest for elevation… Entanglement of roots, sinuosities and  coarseness of the tree trunks, flaming foliages through with blazes light, may be the light of life…

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Philippe Olive – Sculptor

Natural trunks, Bronze muses… noble and elegant materials , with both a smooth and coarse aspect, shaped into sculptures with tense curves  which energize the movement, propel shapes into space, give out varying facets as the eye wanders.

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Marée Basse IV  100 x 100


Séverine Loisel – Painter

Landscapes, Animals… expressions of a nomad sensitivity, punctuated by the subtletly of the materials: oil painting, gold sheets and silk papers crafted together to offer intensely deep and fascinating harmonies.

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Castle and Exhibitions visit
July – August from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm: €3/ adult, €1.50 / 10-18 year old, Groups (minimum 15 persons): €2 per adult
Telephone: +33 2 33 45 18 49 /


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